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Mexican jokes

Why do mexicans have small stearing wheels?
– So they can drive with handcuffs on

What do you get when you cross a Mexican and a black person?
– Somebody too lazy to steal.

What do you call a building full of Mexicans?
– Jail

What do you call one Mexican on the moon? A problem.
What do you call two mexicans on the moon? A bigger problem.
What do you call all of the mexicans on the moon?
– Problem solved

Why aren’t there any mexican’s in hell?
– They jumped the border



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Mexican jokes 6-10

Why do mexicans wear their baseball cap with the brim up?
– So they have a place to keep their taco.

What do mexicans and vending machines have in common?
– They both take your money and don’t work.

Why do mexicans wear pointed boots?
– Because it makes it easier to get over a fence.

Why are there no Mexicans in Star Trek?
– They don’t work in the future either!

Why do mexican kids walk around school like they own the place?
– Because their dads built it and their mom clean it.


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Mexican jokes 11-15

What do you call a Mexican with a broken lawn mower?
– Unemployed.

How does a Mexican get into an honest business?
– Through the window.

How many Americans’ does it take to screw in a light bulb?
– Only Mexicans do that kind of job.

Why don’t Mexicans play hide and seek?
– Cause nobody will look for them?

Why are mexicans and basketball players a like?
– They both run jump shoot and steal

Mexican jokes 16-20

Why doesn’t Mexico have an Olympic team?
– Because everyone who can run, jump, and swim has already crossed the border!

Whats a Mexicans favourite sport?
– Cross Country.

What’s the difference between Jesus and Mexicans?
– Jesus doesn’t have Mexicans tattooed all over him.

How do you keep mexicans from stealing?
– Put everthing on the top shelf.

What is the difference between a Mexican and an elevator?
– One can raise a child.

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